DiPrete Forge was created to provide training to those interested in the art of knife making. From beginner classes to master level classes, DIPrete Forge has a class designed for you.

DiPrete Forge also creates hand-crafted custom knives to those interested in purchasing a one of a kind piece.

Finally, DiPrete Forge wants to encourage a knife making community. A place where smiths can learn from each other and share their love of the craft.

Fred DiPrete

Fred DIPrete grew up in Rhode Island but came to Western Ky to pursue a degree at Murray State University. An IT guy but also a jack of all trades, he has always enjoyed working with his hands. From building houses to working on his motorcycles, he has always been curious about new things. One knife class and he was hooked! He began the forge in 2018 and it quickly has become more than a hobby. Now he wants to share his experiences and knowledge with anyone that has ever wondered if they could do it. Fred wants to build a community where everyone can share their skills and crafts.

Instructors / Staff

Jason Knight

Master Smith / Instructor

In 2007, Jason Knight received his ABS Mastersmith rating along with the B.R. Hughes Award for the best knife by a Mastersmith candidate. He has over 30,000 hours of experience and knowledge.

Fred DiPrete

Bladesmith / Instructor

Fred has been making knives since 2018 and teaches stock removal and forging classes for beginners. He is also pursuing his Journeyman smith certification from the American Bladesmith Society.

Steve Schwarzer

Master Smith / Instructor

Steve is an ABS Master Bladesmith. He received his mastersmith status in 1981. His passion is developing Mosaic Damascus and sharing his knowledge with any student that wants to learn.

We Honor Those That Serve

Our Mission

DiPrete Forge believes we should honor and respect the men and women of the Armed Services and First Responders of this country. As part of our efforts to show support, every time we make 5 knives in the forge, the 6th knife is donated to a military veteran (active or retired) or first responder (police officer, fireman, emt, paramedic or other). We will also hold special events to show our appreciation and respect.